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Jeff is originally from the Philadelphia area.  After college, he went off to California and worked on several international TV shows such as SURVIVOR, and AMAZING RACE, then began to shoot and direct music videos for various record labels where he won several awards.   


He jumped onto a few dramatic TV shows such as Burn Notice as a cameraman, then Graceland, then he found himself working on commercials with LeBron James and another with Michael Jordan as a cameraman. After several other commercials, he decided it was a good fit.  


Jeff began to direct short format commercials and stills as well.  He is a visual package; Director, graphic artist, painter, photographer, cinematographer. He has a subtle sense of humor that is simply innate.  His visual timing is so instinctual that it makes him a great editor as well.  


He enjoys living in Miami and loves the cultural differences that so abound here in this gateway to the Americas.  




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