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Miami based photographer Jeffery Salter captures poignancy in the familiar and commonness in the extraordinary. From housewives in Uganda, to Miami Latin celebrities, he has dedicated his life to telling untold stories.

Growing up in a small central Texas town, his introduction to photography was unintentional, but fateful. Upon entering the ninth grade he registered for what he though was a graphic arts class, but which turned out to be photographic arts. He never turned back.

Moving between silver-base media to digital media, Salter has never lost sight of the importance of tending to his images. This passion both in front and behind the lens has not gone unnoticed. His work has appeared in many editorial magazines like Ebony, INC, People and Cigar Afficionado. He has been a staff photographer for
Sports Illustrated Magazine and The New York Times. His work has appeared in nine photography books and five Day in the Life books. His fine art photography has been exhibited at the Brooklyn Museum of Art, The Smithsonian and the Corcoran Gallery of Art. A World Press award winner, he has also received honors from, Pictures of the Year and the Communication Arts annual.






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