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PILGRIM MEDIA began conceptually as a place to house very American directors.  We are such a vast group of personalities and cultures in this great country that diversity is inevitable if you wish to represent the greater spread of populations and not just mainstream coastal consumers.

What we hope to convey and achieve in our efforts to bring American advertising back to Americans is just being understandable by most Americans.  Lately there are a lot of influences in how ads are created and sent out to us all but they seem to have an outsider at the helm of the message.  I think some Americans are not convinced that the heartland gets that message or recognizes it as being an American Ad.  We make American Ads.  We are Americans.  We speak American and some of us with an accent but we are Americans.  We get America and how to advertise products to them.  We are pretty straight forward.  Simple speak and to the point.  We might dance, sing, blow stuff up, and make all kinds of films for all kinds of products but we are the ones who make it understandable and entertaining. 

We hope you will drop by and have a look at our work or invite us to work with you on a project that needs to be truly American.  We look forward to working with you.....

PILGRIM MEDIA COMPANY              PH: 305.858.5060              KJ@PILGRIMMEDIA.TV

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